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Four Ways Payroll Impacts Your Business Budget

At TFG Card Solutions, we know as a business manager, it is important to examine every component of internal business processes. The payroll process, if ran inefficiently, can drain essential resources from your business budget by hindering assessment of employee … Continue reading


How Can Payroll Debit Cards Save Your Small Business Valuable Resources?

When it comes to managing payroll, small businesses face a number of challenges. Unfortunately, having fewer employees does not equate to less hassle and time. In fact, small businesses have fewer resources to devote to payroll management compared to large … Continue reading


National Data Security Month: How Payroll Debit Cards Improve Data Security for both Employers and Employees

In an age of increasing digitalization, we are fortunate to have access to more efficient and environmentally-friendly ways of storing, managing, and organizing information—including banking information. However, the “Digital Age” has also introduced whole new territory for cybersecurity, where data … Continue reading


Payroll Debit Cards Save Time for Remote and Out-of-Office Employees

Are you an out-of-office or remote employee? Is it challenging to budget your money and have peace of mind when your paychecks do not arrive on time? Payroll debit cards from TFG Card Solutions can resolve these issues and streamline … Continue reading


Payroll Debit Cards: Best Practices for Employers

At TFG Card Solutions, we have one core focus: payroll debit cards. We help employers eliminate costly paper checks by maximizing direct deposit participation through pay card adoption, which in turn, drives down payroll costs and maximizes HR efficiencies. For … Continue reading


Payroll Cards for Seasonal Employees

  If you’re intrigued by the cost-savings offered by pay cards – an average of more than $3 per paper paycheck – you’ll be even more excited to hear about the other benefits of this type of payroll processing. Not … Continue reading


Common FAQs About Visa Payroll Cards

TFG Card Solutions is proud to partner with Visa® to offer the TFG Visa® Payroll Card, a reloadable prepaid card that employers can use to disburse employee wages and other compensation. For employees who do not have a traditional bank … Continue reading


Four Easy Ways Your Paycard Saves You Money

Ways to save money are abundant when you use your TFG Visa® Prepaid Payroll Card! From the low or nonexistent fees, to a few other unexpected benefits, signing up for a pay card with TFG Card Solutions is the economic … Continue reading


Go Green: 4 Eco-Friendly Benefits of Switching to Paycards

By switching to TFG Card Solutions, Inc. payroll cards instead of paper paychecks, you undoubtedly save a lot of money. You probably also knew that you can improve your corporate environmental responsibility by helping save the environment and natural resources. … Continue reading


Lessen Payday Stress: Employee Benefits of Switching to Paycards

In a perfect world, every employee would readily have access to a bank account and be able to receive their pay using direct deposit, but in reality, this is simply not feasible. For various reasons, not all employees are able … Continue reading