TransForce Inc. eliminates paper checks with TFG Card Solutions Inc.


Portland, OR – December 30, 2011 – TFG Card Solutions, Inc. brings its payroll debit card to TransForce, Inc. to increase direct deposit participation.

TFG has been offering payroll debit cards to increase direct deposit participation for over seven years. Payroll debit cards provide unbanked employees safe and secured access to their funds. The card allows employees to have access to their funds at all times.

“Finding a solution that allowed our mobile workforce to access their pay on payday was critical. Working with Brandon Redman and the TFG team allowed TransForce to implement the pay card program in a quick and easier than expected fashion,” said Alice Tillman, Payroll Manager of TransForce. “The elimination of paper checks has been a big win for both the company and our valued workforce.”

TransForce Inc. which was founded in 1991 employs approximately 1200 employees; it serves over 1500 companies nationwide through a growing number of 100% owned/controlled offices from coast to coast.

“We understand that in the transportation business getting emergency funds, in addition to standard payroll, in a timely fashion is critical. TFG prides itself on having multiple offerings for our clients like TransForce, to utilize when needed,” said Thomas Secor, President of TFG Card Solutions, Inc.

About TransForce Inc.

TransForce, Inc. is the largest workforce solutions firm in the United States, dedicated entirely to the transportation industry. TransForce provides the highest-quality full-time and part-time Commercial Drivers License (CDL) drivers and other transportation-related professionals to third party logistics carriers, private carriers and for-hire carriers nationwide.

About TFG Card Solutions, Inc.

TFG offers free payroll debit cards that help businesses of all sizes increase direct deposit participation, maximizing their current direct deposit system and empowering unbanked employees. Payroll debit cards save both the business and its employee’s money every single pay period. For more information, visit

For more information and media inquiries, please contact:

Kayvon Bahmanyar, Sales and Marketing Strategist

800.457.5809 x 246


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